Denton Oil Change Service

You worked hard and paid good money for your vehicle, and you want optimum performance for as long as possible. We started our oil change business to help you accomplish that task. It's more than an oil change, it's preventive maintenance to change, inspect, check/fill and clean essential components of your vehicle and help it perform at an optimum level. By taking care of your vehicle with a Jon’s EZ Lube oil changes, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is serviced properly. Jon and Ralph will ensure that you receive the best oil change by Denton Oil Change, Denton, TX. 

Denton Oil Change mechanics will:

 Five (5) quarts of motor oil
 Replace Oil Filter
Oil Change InspectionINSPECT COMPONENTS 
 Brake fluid level in reservoirs
 Serpentine Belts
 Wiper Blades
 Antifreeze/Coolant Levels
 Engine & Air Filtration System

 Exterior lights
 Chassis (lube if applicable)
Oil Change ChecksCHECK/FILL 
 Tire Pressure
 Transmission/Transaxle Fluid
 Differential Fluid
 Transfer Case Fluid
 Power Steering Fluid
 Windshield Washer Fluid

 Battery Water
  (non seal batteries)
Oil Change CleanCLEAN 
 Exterior Windows
 Vacuum Interior Floors

 Denton Oil Change will perform a service review, which includes a visual inspection of the engine air filtration and the vehicle manufacturer's severe service recommendations based upon the vehicle's current odometer reading.

Additional Bonus! On 5th oil change you will earn a 50% discount!

State Inspection and General Auto Repair

Denton Oil Change expert mechanics can do much more:

 Does my car need an emissions test in Denton County? 
 Does my car need a state safety inspection in Denton County? 
 What specific items will they inspect on my car? 
Click for details on our
car state inspection

 Brake Replacement
 Brake Repairs
 Transmission Service
 Fuel Filter / Fuel System Cleaners
 Engine Tune Ups
 Battery / Charging System Repairs
 Cooling System Repairs
 Belts / Hose Replacements
 Cabin Filters


Denton Oil Change
by Jons EZ Lube
102 Massey St.
Denton, TX 76205

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"Jon is a UNT alum and he is an honest guy. He treats me like family. I recommend Jon's EZ Lube for an affordable oil change. His business is conveniently close to school."
Sue Collier, UNT Student

I have been going to Jon's EZ Lube for over 9 years servicing my personal and my business vehicles. On multiple occasions, Ralph or Jon have saved me hundreds if not thousands by performing small repairs they find during service. I have taken them vehicles that just were acting funny, they diagnosed and treated the problem for much cheaper than any other mechanic would have. And they stand by their work. A parts store gave them the wrong year o2 sensor, it was installed, and the Check Engine light stayed on. Returned next day at 7:30 am, Jon scanned the code, called the parts store, got the right part, and personally replaced it at no cost!! All of this before opening store hours!! I trust this place, and not many mechanics you can say that about.
Andy Willis